Stax DC 041 - 050


Stax DC # 041 - rel: 22.02.1993 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

a little bit insane by lazer (without the intro)
fuzion's mega ripper 2
music files by snk of pure energy


Revolution demo
(Tyan of STAX)

screenshot from disc 041

Stax DC # 042 - rel: 27.02.1993 - code by Bod

enigmatic obsession 2 by flash (STE)
big alec's music demo 2
music replayer by dizzy of income pd
ninja iii soundtracker (pro tracker pre-release)
binaris soundtracker
ptreplay (new version)
paula & petra soundtracker
half digi drum music files from mad max of tex


Revolution demo - main
(Tyan of STAX)

screenshot from disc 042

Stax DC # 043 - rel: 08.03.1993 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

Tom and Jerry demo
Chronicle Sound Demo


(Count Zero)

screenshot from disc 043

Stax DC # 044

imagina's systematic error demo
mega-bob demo by axxis
overlander-intro by howdy of the union


no sound

screenshot from disc 044

Stax DC # 045

imagina's x-mas 1992 demo
level 16 fullscreen demo (fsd)
dr.dee demo screens (3 pieces)
bomb jack intro by tex


no sound

screenshot from disc 045

Stax DC # 046 - rel: 12.03.1993 - code by Bod

rage hard digi demo (frankie goes to hollywood)
symphony st improved editor version by fix of tbc
1001 crew demo 2
smiley's scroller demo
movie slide show (star wars pic's etc.)
black byte demos (2x)
future minds intro
dal snuffs intro (G-Force)


decade demo - pipeworx
(Count Zero)

screenshot from disc 046

Stax DC # 047 - rel: 21.03.1993 - code by Matt of STAX

mjj prod screen from oxygene's o-demo
cartoontro by animal mine
trsi intro
belgarion intro by death
bananafisk demo (STE)
tbc's tech demo
turrican sound demo
STAX intros (2x)



screenshot from disc 047

Stax DC # 048 - rel: 23.03.1993 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by McFly

mega depacker v2.11
galaxian (PD Game)
kwik view v2.1
yedi tracker
tera desktop
icon fix - new trend intro
blur intro - replicants intro



screenshot from disc 048

Stax DC # 049 - rel: 28.03.1993 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by McFly

channel 38 party invitation demo (fried bits 1)
forniets underwater scroller
forniets mega dot-screen
xcopy 3 by zx81 of bad boys belgium
syndicate intro
final spacecoder's bbs demo
magnum force's 1st demo
evil forces intro
profi writer v2.38 (letter maker)


(Mad Max)

screenshot from disc 049

Stax DC # 050 - rel: 29.04.1993 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Matt of STAX

the dots dance dentro
ecg fried bits 1 screen
mug uk's speedball 2 music demo
hardcore demo (PD Game)
interrupt music files whilst the desktop
STAX info program



screenshot from disc 050

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