Stax DC 091 - 100


Stax DC # 091 - rel: 17.04.1995 - code by Matt of STAX

cindy crawford dentro (cintro)
deamscape bbs info (STE)


Spellfire the Sorceror
(Allister Brimble)

screenshot from disc 091

Stax DC # 092 - rel: 23.05.1995 - code by Bod - gfx by Neil

madonna's sex on disk by pure energy
lynx bbs intro
tjejbobs demo by we rule inc.


(Mad Max)

screenshot from disc 092

Stax DC # 093 - rel: 21.05.1995 - code by Matt of STAX

walls of illusion (shareware version)
tsm godjul demo
delta force texture mapping screen
numnum party invitation screen
psychonomix 680x0 screen


Seymour Goes To Hollywood
(Allister Brimble)

screenshot from disc 093

Stax DC # 094 - rel: 25.06.1995 - code by Matt of STAX

ultimate arena playable preview
cops n robbers too ! (PD Game)
maze (PD Game)
midi 2001 (color version)
worm war (PD Game)
hang about (PD Game)


pls mail me ! thx

screenshot from disc 094

Stax DC # 095 - rel: 25.06.1995 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

future composer + sounds
adrenaline ripper
nibe (PD Game)
substation intro
amiga emulator
replicants intro
mono pack 1.2
ishar editor (not STE)


Julia 4
(Tyan of STAX)

screenshot from disc 095

Stax DC # 096 - rel: 01.07.1995 - code by Matt of STAX

grav 2 (PD Game)
revenge of the mutant camels (PD Game)
aliens dia-show
evening mehl-box intro


(Count Zero)

screenshot from disc 096

Stax DC # 097 - rel: 03.07.1995 - code by Matt of STAX

midi wiz 1.1e (PD Game)
magic stones (3x tetris with gem)
aac anti amiga demo
fulltron (PD Game)
duck dash (PD Game)


(David Whittaker)

screenshot from disc 097

Stax DC # 098 - rel: 08.07.1995 - code by Matt of STAX

passion demo (positivity)
passion demo source codes !!!
the globe (xxx)


screenshot from disc 098

Stax DC # 099 - rel: 09.07.1995 - code by Matt of STAX

coreflakes (new core)
robotz (PD Game)


Ninja Remix
(Mad Max)

screenshot from disc 099

Stax DC # 100 - rel: 31.01.1996 - code by Matt of STAX

eagle 2 demo (STAX)
cd list catalogue (STAX)
matt's sound demo (STAX)
going down with the captain (PD Game)
unit 17 sound collection (STE)
tln bbs demo 4


Julia 1
(Tyan of STAX)

screenshot from disc 100

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