Stax DC 061 - 070


Stax DC # 061 - rel: 05.08.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

turtle grooves (PD Game)
battletris (PD Game)
war game (PD Game)
miner 2 (PD Game)
universal pictures by aggression
system information
bastards int. intro - replicants intro
elite intro - cynix intro


screenshot from disc 061

Stax DC # 062 - rel: 13.08.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

an cool on ste demo
atari france jungle demo for STE
blues boys music player
atari explorer & jag magazin (crunshed)


screenshot from disc 062

Stax DC # 063 - code by Bod - gfx by Sodan

we will rock you demo (skyhawk/trinity)
blues boys intros (2x)
pro tracker 2.5+ (STE/STF)


screenshot from disc 063

Stax DC # 064 - rel: 19.08.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

asteroids (PD Game)
the shtroumpf party demo
paula and petra tracker v2.2


(AJT / Axis)

screenshot from disc 064

Stax DC # 065 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

STE just to be known demo
ste demo by martin bakschat/st maazine
psychedelic house ii demo by the overlanders


Meltec V.2.4

screenshot from disc 065

Stax DC # 066 - rel: 28.08.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Exterminator

phere screen 1 (STE)
sphere screen 2 (STE)
fantasia demo (STE)
tbc world demo (STE)


Lap 33

screenshot from disc 066

Stax DC # 067 - rel: 18.09.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Mike

nirvana (pd arcade-game)
admirables interlace picture viewer + pics
admirables intro
alkaline demo
zoomer by tony barker (STE)


screenshot from disc 067

Stax DC # 068 - rel: 09.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

the hoby one demo (without the intro)
a genius has no border
flexible front big ff screen
flexible front gold font screen
flexible front gold wobbel screen
flexible front dixy bender screen
gobblin 4 (PD Game)
bigfoot's/mjj prod tetris


(Mad Max)

screenshot from disc 068

Stax DC # 069 - rel: 25.08.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

No Limit II (STE-game)
reanimators/frazer music demo
sunny demo (STE)


screenshot from disc 069

Stax DC # 070 - rel: 15.10.1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Shadowmaster

dune dancing flexiscroller
the deformat demo (the starks)
aggression's 1st demo
aggression jing-jang balls demo
ultimate sprite demo by hyades
admirables interlace overscan screen
an cool wobbel-scroller-intro
an cool replicants-intro
gunstick's parallax fullscreen distorter (spoon)
tge digi demo-screen
gamemasters weird sines demo (STE)
visualizers convention demo
pure energy menu 76 intro (filler)


(Dave Rogers)

screenshot from disc 070

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