Stax DC 051 - 060


Stax DC # 051v2 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Shadowmaster

ecstasy part 1 by ice (STE)
prensorium (PD Game)
electra's invitation's demo (blitter)
goraud polygon-screen by electronic images
electricity's hidden screen from their mega demo
Bonus Intro by STAX
big sprite screen by STAX
vertical raster screen by STAX


screenshot from disc 051v2

Stax DC # 052v2 - rel: 12.1993 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

utopos 'give it away version'
panic demo by chaos
color clash (PD Game)
msa v2.3+
oxygene's sprite world record screen
1234 screen by STAX


Sally tri-digi music
(Sally of STAX)

screenshot from disc 052v2

Stax DC # 053

extreme rage demo (STE)
ecstasy part 2 (2nd version/STE)


Stax 53 - tune 1
(Sally of STAX)

screenshot from disc 053

Stax DC # 054 - rel: 18.01.1994

oh no! more froggies by sector one
pac man on e's (pd game/ste)
hunchy 2010 (PD Game)
kubes (PD Game)


screenshot from disc 054

Stax DC # 055 - rel: 11.02.1994

excellence in art demos (2x)
eternity 1st demo
midimaze III
hau rein zottl'
star tracker replayer v3.42
ishar character editor
ishar survival kit


Tristar - Andycopy Music
(Chrispy Noodle)

screenshot from disc 055

Stax DC # 056

bat-demo by the st squad
photochrome v3.00 by the pixel twins
sid voice designer v3.5p (preview)
the dream digi demo
several intro screens


screenshot from disc 056

Stax DC # 057 - code by Matt of STAX

flashback demo by the carebears (TCB!!!)
no cooper plasma demo by 1984
flying brains demo by ninja iii
mona lisa rotator demo
spaceballs demo by tfc
tnb undercover mag 2 intro
disk filler intro


(Sally of STAX)

screenshot from disc 057

Stax DC # 058 - rel: 1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

aec balls demo
aquanaut by sewer software (PD Game)
STAX 'uf intro'
crystalic goes party
nasa introduction demo
mathsblaster by the brainwash & co (TBC)
reprobates intro
s.h.i.t. demo by tnt-crew
tri heli 2 (PD Game) + doc


screenshot from disc 058

Stax DC # 059 - rel: 1994 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by Sodan

007 demo by st squad
megadeth demo by tpp
golden greetings demo by t.g.e.


pls mail me ! thx
ripped from an old intro

screenshot from disc 059

Stax DC # 060 - rel: 09.07.1994 - code by Matt of STAX

nippon demo - admirables 31 intro
chambers of shaolin character creator
dave demo (sync demo 2)
oh crikey..wot a scorcher hidden screen by u.l.m.
mindbomb demo preview
intro 1 + 2 by the warp system
u.l.m. playfield screen from "spoon"
david whittaker sound ripper
tangens intro 1 + 2 (foxx)
tbc (switzerland) 1st demo
tda "st ethic demo" preview
vectronix intro from "european champions"
bloodwych character editor


screenshot from disc 060

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